The Supercar Event

From 24th Jun, 2017 until 25th Jun, 2017


Car events are great if you just want to look at some amazing cars but ultimately they’re unsatisfying. What does the car sound like? How fast does it go? What does the acceleration feel like? At The Supercar Event your driver can answer all your questions whilst taking you on an exhilarating ride around The Top Gear track.

We also have helicopters, Caterham Seven’s and a wealth of other attractions with more being added through the year.

One of questions we frequently get asked is do the drivers get paid to do this? And the answer is no, the owners all volunteer their time, fuel and tyres for nothing. Without their generosity we simply wouldn’t be able to raise as much money as we do for The Children’s Trust.

Pre-bookable Rides & Attractions
Supercar rides booked in advance £30 – booked on the day £35 (pre-booking highly recommended)

Fast Track rides booked in advance £60 – booked on the day £70 (This means you join a separate queue and have more choice of the car you ride in)

Hypercar & Lexus rides can only be booked on the day, from £100

Helicopter rides booked in advance £35-45 – booked on the day £35-40 (pre-booking highly recommended)

Stay Safe Driving School (14+) In advance £20 On the day £20

Diggerland 4×4 Driving experience £29.00

Young Engineers Work Shop £8 per child

We’re also going to be there with some of our associates: Carbon Insurance Brokers and Van Rooyen

Take advantage of this opportunity to talk to insurance specialist Carbon Insurance Brokers. They are experts in high-value insurance, specifically cars and most importantly…supercars! You can speak to their experts across both days of the event and get a tailor mode quote for your car!

Find out more here:

Van Rooyen will also be there with a range of their supercars for sale. So when you’ve hired a car with us and have decided that you just have to have one of your own….you know exactly where to go next. They have a range of cars from Nissan GTRs right through to Jaguar MKII and Ferrari F355.

You can head over to their website to find out more:

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