Laser Head-Up Display on Our Range Rover Hybrid

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Prestige Car Hire’s Hybrid Range Rover Sport is as luxurious as it is environmentally friendly, with the advanced integrated laser Head-Up Display (HUD) and reduced CO2 emissions really making this vehicle stand out.

The secondary display projects important information on the driver’s front windscreen using world-first laser holographic techniques, which offers a clear picture without distracting the driver.

The display shares information such as road speed, gear position, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic sign recognition and the cruise control set speed which are all customizable to the driver’s preferences.

Murray Dietsch, Director Land Rover Programmes says this technology is the first of its kind.

Jaguar Land Rover’s HUD system is an innovative driver information tool, which really pushes the boundaries of advanced laser projection technology.

It borrows from military technology – which, until now, has been unheard of in the automotive industry.

The significant improvements to fuel economy (approx. 91.1 mpg) and reduced C02 emissions (as low as 71 g/km) offered by this hybrid, particularly when compared to other Land Rover SUVs, makes it one of the hottest vehicles on the market.

Prestige Car Hire Manager Craig Harris is impressed with the charging capabilities.

Depending on the power source, charging this Hybrid may only take 7.5 hours from no power to 100%, which is comfortably achieved overnight.

The Timed Charging feature is also a favourite, which allows users to take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs and choose the times most convenient to the driver, Craig said.

To learn more about the Range Rover Sport 2.0 P400e HSE Dynamic available, or any other vehicles on fleet, contact the Prestige team on 03300 538 955.

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