Our Latest Addition: The Jaguar F Pace

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We love cars, we probably love cars more than you do and so when we get the chance to add a new car to our luxury range of hire cars, we jump at the chance.

Prestige Car Hire have added two new World Car Award winning Jaguar F-Paces to our hire fleet, offering you a combination of power, performance, efficiency and luxury.

The F-Pace is Jaguar’s luxury SUV, forming a union between sporty handling, classic Jaguar looks and practical usability. The design is inspired by the F-Type and as a result, carries the heartbeat of a sports car at it’s core.

With a class-leading boot capacity of 650 litres and versatile seat folding options, the F-Type is flexible enough to fit almost any scenario while providing a luxurious level of comfort. Thanks to features like the reclining back seats,  the InControl suite, and the elegant and contemporary interior design, driving the Jaguar F-Pace is a joy, both comfortable and exhilarating.

Hire the Jaguar F Pace from Prestige Car Hire for a vehicle that makes a classy statement at any function, without sacrificing on high performance.

As with all of our hires, this car is available for delivery, or you can choose to come and collect it yourself. The longer you hire the car for the higher your discount will be, with exceptional savings available if you hire one of our cars for longer than 4 days.

The F-Pace will be ready for hire soon, so check back here or keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for an announcement, we’ll post as soon as it’s available!

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