The Best Cars for Christmas and Where to Take Them

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Stuck for ideas this festive period? We’ve hand-picked some activities for you and the cars to do them in!

Lamborghini Huracan
Through the Snake Pass

When you think of a supercar you automatically think of a Lamborghini. The Huracan, often referred to as the baby Lambo, is certainly no slouch. Equipped with a 5.2L naturally aspirated V10 producing 572 BHP helping the Huracan to 60MPH in just 3.4 seconds.
Our coupe is the more agile and driver-focused, rear wheel drive variant. This makes it the perfect vehicle for a drive through the Snake Pass in the Peak District.

The Snake Pass serves as a scenic and more direct alternative to using the motorways that connect Sheffield to Manchester. Its name doesn’t come from the fact that the winding road snakes round – it’s actually derived from the emblem of the Snake Inn, a local pub in the high hills. It stretches a total of 20 miles and takes about 25 minutes to complete. It’s a really thrilling drive, with its tight bends, steep hills and breath-taking views of the countryside.

Range Rover Sport SVR

To bag a bargain on Boxing Day

If someone asked you what the perfect winter car would be, your answer would more than likely be a 4×4. The Range Rover is one of the most distinctive around with nearly 50 years of heritage to go with it!

Range Rovers of the past never took performance into account, however, the SVR is a different breed. Equipped with all the creature comforts that you would expect along with a massive 5.0L V8 engine and a dose of carbon fibre.

This makes it the perfect vehicle choice to attack the Boxing Day sales with. Room for all the family, a large boot for all the bargains and 567BHP to make sure you are first to the shops! No one will be arguing with you on or off the road with this machine.

Bentley Continental GT

Exploring the south coast

Things don’t come more luxurious than a Bentley. The new 2019 Continental GT is the best and most luxurious yet, with an exterior facelifts and a completely redesigned interior. From the lavish leather to the diamond knurled infotainment knobs.
However, if you thought this elegant GT didn’t pack a punch, you would be wrong. The new continental GT produces 626BHP (52BHP more than our Lamborghini Huracan) from its 6.0L W12 engine, pushing it on to 62MPH in just 3.7

This luxurious Bentley feels right at home down south, making it the perfect vehicle for a road trip to Southampton and even along the stunning coast. Travel in style and comfort while taking in the breath-taking ocean views and world-class hospitality.

Ferrari 488 Spider

In the Cheddar Gorge

Another masterpiece to come from the Maranello. When the Ferrari 488 Spider was unveiled, its twin turbo V8 engine certainly divided opinions. However, its raw power, speed and driving precision certainly won over everyone hearts. With the spider variant, you can make the most of that one day of warm weather we have in winter, with a retractable hard top that folds away in 14 seconds.

The Cheddar Gorge is the perfect setting for the symphony of Italian cylinders to echo against the cliff face. From its awe-inspiring cliffs to its extraordinary subterranean stalactite show caves, Cheddar Gorge in Somerset was forged some 1.2 million years ago and is one of our most spectacular natural landmarks.
The first section as you leave Cheddar is the most dramatic, offering incredible views of England’s deepest gorge. The B3135 snakes through rocky outcrops as it climbs away into the Mendips. After the gorge, there aren’t so many tight bends and the roads opens up so you can sit back and enjoy the countryside passing you by.

Are some of these vehicle & ideas taking your fancy?

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